Job Requirements
Title Security Manager (UNICEF)
Role The Security Manager implements and manages security activities at the duty station in close coordination with all members of the UN Security Management System (UNSMS)
Category Security
Location Yaounde
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Experience 7 to 10 Years
Educational Qualification Master's Degree
Skills Experience
Salary - -
Career Level Manager
Job Type Temporary/Contract/Project
Job Status Full Time
The Security Manager reports to the Representative and maintains a direct technical reporting line with the Regional Security Adviser (RSA). The Security Manager is responsible for advising the Representative and Country Office management on their security duties and responsibilities in accordance with the UN and the UNICEF Framework of Accountability. The Security Manager contributes to the UNICEF mandate through strong security risk management process. The Security Manager manages, on behalf of the Representative, all security activities in support of the country.
The Security Manager implements and manages security activities at the duty station in close coordination with all members of the UN Security Management System (UNSMS) including the UN Department of Safety and Security and UN Agencies, Funds, Programmes and Organizations (AFPO) as well as NGO partners in line with the Saving Lives Together policy. As a member of the UN Security Cell, he/she contributes to the development of assessments, procedures and guidelines including Security Risk Management (SRMs), Country Security Risk Management Measures (SRM-M) and the country specific Security Plan.
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1. Security Risk Management and Planning
Advises the Representative in the execution of his/her duties with regards to the safety and security of UNICEF personnel and eligible family members, premises, and in accordance with UN and UNICEF Security Management Systems. Attends as an observer, all SMT/ASMT meetings, assists the UN Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS) as appropriate and participates as a member of the security coordination cell established by UNDSS.
Provides advice on and manages the implementation of SRM-M Residential Security Measures (RSM), provisions of the country Security Plan and other relevant policies, guidelines, and assessments and monitors their implementation. Oversees the recruitment of security personnel in the country. Provide technical oversight for contracted security providers such as guards service.
Prepares, maintains, and updates UNICEF security documentation including security contingency plans and provides the Representative, the RSA and the Office of the Security Coordinator (OSC) with mandatory reports in accordance with UNICEF security reporting guidelines. This includes the monitoring/reporting on security compliance and the submission of all Security Incident Reports (SIRs).
2. Safety and Security Services
Monitors the security situation and provides independent and comprehensive analysis with the goal of identifying trends and predicting the specific conditions that would impact on the safety and security of UNICEF personnel and eligible family members, premises, assets and programs.
Supervises, evaluates, and reviews security activities in support of UNICEF operations and participates, coordinates and/or undertakes security risk management processes for all locations where UNICEF personnel and eligible family members are present.
Ensures that UNICEF personnel are kept informed of matters affecting their safety and security and the actions to take in the event of an emergency including those identified in the UN Security Plan as it relates to UNICEF. Oversees the establishment of an effective and functioning communications system for security management within UNICEF that is fully integrated into the UN Emergency Communications System. Coordinates with UNDSS to ensure all UNICEF personnel undertake all mandatory security training/briefings and participate in all security related contingency exercises. Plans and leads security surveys of international personnel residences in accordance with the Residential Security Measures (RSM).
3. Programmatic Security Information Analysis
Provides analysis to understand regional level dynamics, particularly when addressing issues of terrorism, inter-tribal conflict and population movements. Ensures the analysis addresses environmental, socio-economic and political factors that make geographical areas difficult to access and have an impact on the delivery of UNICEF programmes, particularly in areas deemed security compromised. Works closely with the UNICEF programme and communication personnel in country to integrate all relevant analysis into the planning and implementation of all country programmes.
4. Security Networking and Partnership Building
Establishes contact and maintains networks with all UNSMS/NGOs security advisors and relevant local authorities as appropriate. Ensures that security collaboration with NGOs working as UNICEF implementing partners is undertaken, in coordination with UNDSS, and using the SLT policies as a framework.
5. Innovation, Knowledge Management and Capacity Building
Introduces technological innovations and approaches to security procedures and systems.
Institutionalizes and shares best practices and knowledge learned.
Organizes, plans and/or implements capacity building initiatives to enhance the competencies of clients/stakeholders on security related preparedness and operations.

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