• Required No. of Employee's : 1
  • Salary : 0.00
  • Duration of Employment : Full Time
  • Prefered Sex : Male/Female
  • Sector of Vacancy : GENERAL ADMINISTRATION

Qualification/Work Experience :

  • Qualification and Experience University Degree or Three years University Certificate (Licence) in Business Administration, Procurement & Logistics At least 3-4 years working experience in a similar position, Experience working with an international NGO would be an advantage. Demonstrated behaviors needed by the post-holder to successfully perform the role: Timeliness and proactive in the discharge of duties Good planning organizational abilities Communicates in a manner that inspires confidence and professionalism Good supervisory and listening abilities Open to feedback and willingness to adopt to new approaches and processes Ability to inter-face with all levels of management Analytical and attention to detail Good team player Safety and security conscious Good presentation and attention to details Skills Specific to the post needed to put knowledge into practice. Good communication and ICT skills Good inter-personal skills Good client/customer relations Good writing and reporting skills Good negotiation skills Strong team player High level of discretion Planning & organizing Physical Environment and Demands: Travel requirements This position requires 30% of travel time within the program unit and 70% of the time on office related activities.

Job Description:

  • Purpose: How does this post support Plan’s strategy and mission? To ensure effective and efficient coordination of procurement, contract, hotel booking process, fixed asset follow-up and office related activities towards implementation of the country’s program. Dimensions of Role: The post-holder will organize and manage the support functions above noted to accompany the projects implementation. The holder is responsible for implementation of support functions activities for multiple projects. He/She will provide technical support to actively put into place as well as to ensure the management of a strong supply chains, support and capacity build the logistics, procurement and warehousing staffing to provide high quality logistical operating platform in the Program Unit. - At least one Front Desk Assistant, one receptionist and one Janitor report to the role - Area of Responsibility (location) – Bertoua Program Unit (Position based at Bertoua) Typical Responsibilities - Key End Results of Position: PROCUREMENT Process the purchase and supply of goods and materials for the PU as per the Operation Manual (OM), local procedures and policies to ensure value for money is obtained at all times, Process with the preparation and processing of bidding documents for public tender offers to ensure a fair and transparent process for securing the services of consultants and contractors, Process with the preparation, update and maintenance of contracts to keep and track all contracts without any reports on program disruptions due to maladministration of contracts, Produce and maintain an up-to date supplier database and price list for easy access to the required information that would ensure prompt procurement goods and materials for program activities, Ensure that all the procurement activities are capture in SAP, Monitor and follow-up the hotel and conference room booking. FLEET MANAGEMENT Monitor and follow-up all vehicle & motorcycle fleet movement from the purchase to the disposal, Monitor and follow-up generators usage from the purchase to the disposal, ASSET MANAGEMENT Process with the registration, update and status of the fixed asset acquisition /movement, to keep and track all assets with no reports of loss of assets, Process with inventory and propose assets for disposal DISTRIBUTION / WAREHOUSING Organize and supervise the management of warehouse Organize and document the storage of goods / items Organize and document all distribution process OTHERS Monitor and manage the team of Front Desk Assistant, Receptionist, drivers and Janitors to ensure they perform effectively and provide the required support services, Prepare and follow-up the administrative department cash forecast, Ensure the office and its environment are well kept and maintained to facilitate the smooth flow of office work without any adverse disruptions, Keep the Administrative Manager informed of any initiative or difficulties related to the office for attention/redress for the provision of the required support services for program implementation, and submit all document to his approval, Perform any other duties that may be assigned from time to time to support the attainment of organizational goals. Dealing with Problems: Understands administrative requirements as per the OM and other policies and procedures and provides required services to staff Supports with coaching staff under his supervision on Procurement & Logistics requirements Exhibit a good sense of judgment and responsibility in the performance of duties Works with minimum supervision Refers all final decision making to a senior manager Communications and Working Relationships: Keeps and maintain a high contact with contractors, service providers and suppliers for the provision of goods, material, equipments, utilities repairs and maintenance that would ensure Plan receives value for money. Maintains a high contact with all country office staff to receive and process requests for administrative services Maintains high contact with staff from the program unit to offer support, information, influence and or reasoning with regards to administration related issues. Level of Contact with Children: Low contact: No contact or Very low frequency of interaction Mid contact: Occasional interaction with children High level: Frequent interaction with children Low contact- the job responsibilities of this position does not require the post holder to have any one-to-one contact with children on a daily basis. There would be occasional contact with children and it is expected that children shall be protected and accompany at all times. NEXT STEP: To apply for this job, kindly click on "Apply". Your application should include: A cover letter A comprehensive CV including details of two referees, one of whom should be your current of most recent supervisor Location: Bamenda/Buea/Kumba – CAMEROON Closing date: March 19th, 2020 Plan International Cameroon operates in an equal opportunity environment and actively encourages diversity. Only applications received in French or English, will be considered and only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Plan international has a child protection and gender equality policies that are integral part of the recruitment process. Interested candidates should apply via the website, https://plan-international.org/cameroon

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