• Required No. of Employee's : 1
  • Salary : 0.00
  • Duration of Employment : Full Time 24 Months
  • Prefered Sex : Male/Female
  • Sector of Vacancy : SECURITY

Qualification/Work Experience :

  • REQUIREMENTS Please only include professional experience for which you can provide official proof of employment (i.e. pay-slip indicating your functional title, work certificates, etc.). You could be asked to provide copies of such documents prior to interviews/tests. Any discrepancies found between the information stated in any of your application documents and the evidence of employment provided, will be considered misrepresentation and may lead to your disqualification from this selection procedure. This is especially important for your current and previous functional titles (they need to be exactly the same as the one in your contractual agreement), exact dates of employment, description of responsibilities and achievements, reason(s) for leaving and part-time work. All candidates will be assessed on the under mentioned requirements. 1.1 Training/Education required  Three-to-four years’ education at a University or other specialized higher education establishment. 1.2 Experience required  At least three years in law enforcement, border security or other security related field;  Ten years’ experience in the area is required if the post holder does not have the required level of education;  Proven experience and engaging with various types of law enforcement agencies including decision-makers;  Experience in international police co-operation or experience working in an international environment would be an asset;  Experience with organizing and/or delivering training.  Professional experience in the Central African region and knowledge of this region will be considered important assets. 1.3 Languages  Professional fluency in French (written and oral) is required.  Working knowledge in English (written and oral) is required. 1.4 Specific skills required  Strong communication skills, both in written and oral form (public speaking and delivery of presentations), including ability to present complex scenarios;  Ability to draft and implement standard operating procedures/guidelines;  Experience with working with computers including with presentations, spreadsheets/statistics, word processing as well as usage of the Internet;  General information technology knowledge and/or experience with information technology used in a law enforcement environment would be an asset. Vacancy Notice Page 4/4 10 Jul 2020 1.5 Special aptitudes required  Personal and professional maturity;  Ability to maintain objectivity and apply logical reasoning;  Ability to work in teams as well as individually;  Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines;  Good social and communication skills, particularly in a multicultural environment;  Initiative, creativity (original thinking) and curiosity  Ability to develop and maintain professional networks;  Ability to synthesize;  Good listening skills;  Thoroughness, sense of details;  Ability to convince, energy, tenacity.

Job Description:

  • Conditions applying for both INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL CANDIDATES Only professional experience for which candidates can provide official proof of employment will be considered. Candidates could be requested to provide copies of such official documents prior to interviews/test. *This position is financed by funds external to the Organization and carries, in principle, no expectation of renewal. Any potential subsequent extension will be subject to the terms of the Organization’s Staff Manual, to satisfactory performance and to availability of funds. This position will provide support to an externally funded project with a maximum end date of 31 st July 2022. Tests/interviews in connection to this selection procedure will likely take place approximately 4 weeks after the deadline for applications. Applicants are kindly requested to plan their availability during this period accordingly, in case they are short-listed. Selected candidates will be expected to report for duty approximately one month after receiving an offer of employment at the latest. This selection exercise may be used to generate a reserve list of suitable candidates that will be used to address Organization's staffing needs in the future. Vacancy Notice Page 2/4 10 Jul 2020 INTERPOL is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes the applications of all qualified candidates who are nationals of INTERPOL Member Countries, irrespective of their racial or ethnic origin, opinions or bel iefs, gender, sexual orientation and disabilities. INTERPOL places no restrictions on the eligibility of candidates, without distinction as to race or ethnic origin, religion, opinions, gender, sexual orientation or disabilities. However, the national policy and laws in force in INTERPOL host countries may mean that staff members’ spouses or partners, while legally recognized by the Organization, are not given the same recognition when they reside in certain duty stations. When this is the case, the Organization will inform the candidates accordingly to ensure that they ar e aware of the situation and allow them to make an informed decision. INTRODUCTION OF POST The Global Outreach and Regional Support (GORS) Directorate is dedicated to regional coordination and NCB support. GORS helps strengthen the capability of police to conduct effective investigations and operations in the international domain, taking on a coordinating and supporting role to NCBs and leading in establishing agreements between member countries and other international and regional organizations. The Regional Engagement Officer will be a member of the project team responsible for the implementation of an externally funded project aimed at:  Enhancing regional access to and use of the I-24/7 network and databases  Increasing regional law enforcement capacities to exchange information  Preventing and decreasing regional and cross border security threats The Regional Engagement Officer will support the Project Manager with the promotion of the deployment of INTERPOL Policing Capabilities within the beneficiary countries of the project, taking an active role in engaging law enforcement authorities in the project activities. He/she will cooperate with his/her technical counterparts in the project (such as the Regional Product Deployment officers) to improve law enforcement agencies’ access to and usage of INTERPOL policing capabilities. PRIMARY DUTIES DUTY 1 Perform outreach activities to promote INTERPOL policing capabilities to various law enforcement agencies beyond NCBs (Customs, Immigration, Gendarmerie, Counter Terrorism and other specialized units and agencies) and ensure their engagement in the project; provide guidance to Member Countries in view of providing law enforcement agencies with access to these products, tools and services. DUTY 2 Analyze the external project context to identify local challenges and risks to the project and provide advice to the Project Manager on how to tackle these challenges and risks. DUTY 3 Liaise with NCB’s and law enforcement agencies to facilitate timely obtaining agreements such as I24/7 extension agreements. DUTY 4 Provide NCB’s and law enforcement agencies with information regarding standard operating procedures for the follow-up of hits in INTERPOL databases (in particular Nominals, Stolen and Lost Travel Documents) and regarding procedures for to the provision of information to these databases. DUTY 5 Assist NCB’s and law enforcement agencies with the review of national procedures related to the follow-up of hits in INTERPOL databases (in particular Nominals, Stolen and Lost Travel Documents) and national procedures related to the provision of information to these databases; advise member countries on improvement/implementation of national operating procedures. Vacancy Notice Page 3/4 10 Jul 2020 DUTY 6 Identify training needs and support the project in organizing/delivering training activities. DUTY 7 Produce documentation in relation to the duties listed above. DUTY 8 Provide support to the Project Manager in other areas, such as procurement, organization of meetings and administrative tasks in relation with the role. DUTY 9 Perform any other duties as required by the supervisor WORKING CONDITIONS  Remuneration for appointment on contract: The monthly starting for a grade 5 post in Yaoundé, Cameroon is approximately 2,009,714 XAF per month for a step 1. The starting point is step 1 and for every 3 years of fully relevant experience one additional step will be granted. The salary scales of INTERPOL’s officials are adjusted at least once per year (more under exceptional circumstances) on the basis of the methodology used for the calculation of the Purchase Power Parity (PPP). Salary scales of all duty stations of INTERPOL can be found at https://www.interpol.int/What-you-cando/Careers/Vacancies  The successful candidate may be offered appointment on a higher step depending upon professional background and experience. For more information regarding conditions of service see Employment conditions for contracted officials available on the Organization’s career website (https://www.interpol.int/What-you-can-do/Careers).  The incumbent may occasionally be required to work occasional overtime based upon workload and to go on missions. In compliance with INTERPOL’s Confidentiality regime the successful candidate will have to undergo a security screening according to the clearance level attached to the function. INTERPOL has four official languages: English, French, Spanish and Arabic. INTERPOL retains the right not to make any appointment to this vacancy, to make an appointment at a lower or upper grade or to make an appointment with a modified job description or for a shorter or longer duration than indicated above. INTERPOL would like to inform candidates that their application may be considered for other similar positions. INTERPOL operates a non-smoking policy


EMPLOYER'S LOCATION : www.cameroonjobs.net