• Required No. of Employee's : 1
  • Salary : 0.00
  • Duration of Employment : Full Time
  • Prefered Sex : Male/Female
  • Sector of Vacancy : ENVIRONMENTAL

Qualification/Work Experience :

  • Strong leadership skills with demonstrated ability to build and manage teams Solid Project Management Experience with at least 10 years’ experience successfully managing a project in a remote and challenging environment. Protected area management experience will be an advantage Experience implementing international commercial or donor projects International work experience with a proven ability to work in remote locations sometimes under strenuous physical conditions Capacity to facilitate complex multi-stakeholder processes Experience of collaborating with governmental institutions, military structures and private sector, such as hunting concessionaires and tourism operators, and conservation/PA-management NGOs Experience working effectively with local communities Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work in a multi-cultural environment Fluency in spoken and written French and English The following are not essential but would provide an advantage: Bachelor’s Degree in Conservation, Natural Resource Management, Wildlife Management or related field will be an advantage. Knowledge of international standards and practices related to integrated land use planning, wildlife management, community engagement and good governance Experience in natural resource governance and management including the development of management and business plans Experience in training, anti-poaching training and implementation in different environments (forest, savanna, etc.) Experience with monitoring systems such as SMART, Cyber Tracker, anti-poaching technology, weaponry

Job Description:

  • The African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) is seeking a highly motivated professional manager with a passion for wildlife and conservation to lead the development of its conservation programme in the incredible Faro landscape in northern Cameroon. AWF has been a key player in African Conservation and sustainable development for nearly 60 years and has identified the Faro landscape as one of its focal sites for investment. This exciting position will require someone with proven management skills, strong interpersonal abilities and the capacity to work with various departments of the Cameroon Government, local communities and international investors as well as other key stakeholders to implement an ambitious conservation and sustainable development agenda. The Chief Technical Advisor (TA) will build the capacity of the Service de Conservation, develop management and operational plans, facilitate coordination with stakeholders in the surrounding landscape to improve the overall management and conservation of the Park. He will also oversee and provide strategic leadership and administrative oversight to the Faro Project. Responsibilities Provide oversight to AWF’s work in Faro National Park and surrounding landscape with responsibility over the implementation of the EU funded grant Work in partnership with the Conservator to improve overall natural resource governance of the TOU Faro and its periphery, protected area management and conservation. Develop a general management plan and operational plan; build a stronger presence in FNP; support law enforcement and anti-poaching; build the capacity of the rangers; Ensure effective relationships with the landowners and communities adjacent to FNP; establish an effective partnership with ZIC 13 and other hunting concessions surrounding the Park; and ensure effective communication and reporting. Develop an anti-poaching plan, including a training schedule, standard of procedures, informant network, and early threat warning strategies. Ensure that the systems put in place are consistent with MINFOF and AWF standards. Develop a strategic stakeholder engagement plan that places a particular focus on the engagement of the local communities in a way that respects principles of good governance, reduces conflicts between people and wildlife and people and the park management authority and with a vision to improve human well-being and the overall resilience of the landscape Work with the conservator to develop and oversee the implementation of a general management plan. Oversee the development of key infrastructure development including roads, radio rooms, ranger outposts, staff office, tourism facilities, signage and other facilities. Oversee a rigorous training schedule designed to adequately build the capacity of the Services de Conservation staff and leadership. Interested candidates should apply via the website, https://www.awf.org


EMPLOYER'S LOCATION : www.cameroonjobs.net