Hiring in UN JOBS

Communications Assistant (UNFPA) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org07/26/2021
Associate Shelter Officer (UNHCR). YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org07/26/2021
Associate Information Management Officer (UNHCR) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org07/26/2021
Human Resources Officer (AWF) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org07/26/2021
Clinical Advisor HIV/Free (FHI) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org07/13/2021
Finance & Operations Manager (FHI)UN JOBS www.unjobs.org07/13/2021
Assistant(e) Executive Officer (UNESCO) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org07/13/2021
Intern-Economic Affairs (UNECA) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org07/13/2021
Finance /Accounts Assistnts (EGPAF) DoualaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org07/07/2021
Administrateur Regional (COOPI) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org07/07/2021
Consultant-Sustainable Forest Mgm,t Specialist (FAO) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org06/29/2021
Consultant-Forest Crabon Tech Specialist (FAO) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org06/29/2021
Intern-Public Information (UNECA) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org06/29/2021
Logistics Manager (NRC) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org06/21/2021
Consultant, Admin/Financier pour ONUDC(UNDP) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org06/21/2021
Evaluation Data Clerk (EGPAF) UN JOBS www.unjobs.org06/08/2021
Finance Coordinator (NRC) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org06/08/2021
Risk & Compliance Coordinator (NRC) BueaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org06/08/2021
Logistics Assistant (NRC) BueaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org06/08/2021
Expert Reinforcement Sys. Nat. Sanitaire (WHO) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org05/31/2021
Human Resources Assistant (WFP) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org05/31/2021
Project Analyst (UNPF) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org05/31/2021
Finance & Administrative AssistantUN JOBS www.unjobs.org05/31/2021
Information Management Officer-Child Protection (UNICEF) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org05/24/2021
Information Management Officer-Field Operations (UNICEF) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org05/24/2021
Assistant au Operation Aerienne (WFP) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org05/24/2021
Programme Specialist-Science,(UNESCO) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org05/17/2021
Field Site Coordinator (Int. Medical Corps) UN JOBS www.unjobs.org05/17/2021
Independent Consultant (UN Women) Bamenda /BueaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org05/17/2021
Chief of Mission (ILO) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org05/11/2021
ICLA Assistant (NRC) BueaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org05/11/2021
Security Assistant (NRC) BueaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org05/11/2021
Spécialiste en communication (UNESCO) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org04/13/2021
Information Management Associate (UNHCR) BueaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org03/30/2021
Reporting Assistant (WFP) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org03/30/2021
Protection Cluster Coordination Officer (UNHCR) BamendaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org03/30/2021
Shelter Cluster Coordination Officer (UNHCR) BamendaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org03/30/2021
Associate Reporting Officer (UNHCR) BamendaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org03/30/2021
Cybercrime Operations Officer (Interpol) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org03/23/2021
Child Protection Specialist (UNICEF) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org03/23/2021
Community Epidemic and Pandemic Preparedness Mgr (IFRC) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org03/23/2021
Supply Assistant (UNHCR) MeigangaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org03/15/2021
Conseiller Technique Principal (ILO) BertouaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org03/15/2021
Assistant Admin Officer (UNHCR) MeigangaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org03/15/2021
Consultant (UNDP) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org03/12/2021
Country Representative (PSI) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org03/12/2021
Senior Associate, Cola Chain (CHAI) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org03/12/2021
Illegal Wildlife Trade Specialist (UNDP) Yaounde UN JOBS www.unjobs.org03/08/2021
Food Safety & Quality Officer (WFP) DoualaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org03/08/2021
National Coordinator for Training Support i (UNDP) BamendsUN JOBS www.unjobs.org03/03/2021
Economic Affairs Officer (UNECA) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org03/02/2021
Decentralization Consultancy (UNICEF) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org03/02/2021
Senior Humanitarian Affairs Officer/Deputy Head of Office (OCHA) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org02/23/2021
Head of Field Unit (UNHCR) DjohungUN JOBS www.unjobs.org02/23/2021
Field Security Officer (UNHCR) MarouaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org02/23/2021
Assistant ICT Officer (UNDP) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org02/19/2021
Associate Humanitarian Affairs Officer (UNDP) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org02/19/2021
Associate Humanitarian Affairs Officer (UNDP) BamendaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org02/19/2021
Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant (NRC) BueaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org02/19/2021
Social Cohesion Expert PPRD SouthWest (UNDP) BueaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org02/19/2021
Research Officer (CIFOR) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org02/19/2021
Food Security Programme Manager (WFP) BueaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org02/13/2021
Operational Information Management & Report Officer (WFP) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org02/13/2021
Administrative Assistant (WFP) BamendaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org02/12/2021
Assistant (e) Communication (WFP) DoualaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org02/12/2021
Programme Policy Officer (WFP) BamendaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org02/12/2021
Food Security Programme Manage DRC) BueaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org02/12/2021
Grants Trainee, (DRC) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org01/05/2021
Protection Spcialist (DRC) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org01/05/2021
Protection Specialist (DRC) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org12/22/2020
Supply Chain Manager (DRC)YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org12/22/2020
HSS Manager (NRC) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org12/15/2020
Field Supervisor ( Plan Int.) Bafoussam, Douala, Ebolowa, YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org12/15/2020
Senior SI&E Officer incharge of Data Mgm't & Analyses (EGPAF) DoualaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org12/15/2020
Regional OPS Coordinator (IFRC) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org12/15/2020
International Operations Manager (IOM) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org12/07/2020
Consultant National Epidémiologiste (UNICEF) MarouaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org12/07/2020
Logistics Assistant Transport (WFP) DoualaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org12/07/2020
Baseline Study Consultant (SFCG) Northern CameroonUN JOBS www.unjobs.org12/07/2020
Strategic Intervention Officer (UNAIDS) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org12/07/2020
Communications Associate (WFP) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org11/30/2020
Budget & Programming Associate G7 (WFP) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org11/30/2020
Expert en RÃduction des Risques de Catastrophe (UNESCO) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org11/24/2020
Project Analyst (UNPFA) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org11/24/2020
Gender Based Analyst (UNFPA) DoualaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org11/17/2020
Mental Health Psycho-Social Support Analyst (UNFPA) BamendaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org11/17/2020
Mental Health Psycho-Social Support Analyst (UNFPA) BamendaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org11/17/2020
Mental Health Psycho-Social Support Analyst (UNFPA) BueaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org11/17/2020
Jeune Assisant(e) de Projet (UNV) DoualaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org11/17/2020
WATSAN Supervisor (MSF) BueaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org11/17/2020
Supply Chain Supervisor (MSF) BueaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org11/09/2020
Partnerships and Resource Mobilization Officer (UNV) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org11/09/2020
Officier Education, Pitoare (NRC) MarouaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org11/09/2020
Livelihood and Food Security Coordinator, Up Station (NRC) BamendaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org11/09/2020
Administrative and Project Support - Assistant officer (IUCN) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org11/09/2020
Assistant Shelter Officer, (UNHCR) BertouaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org11/02/2020
Health & Safety Manager (NRC) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org11/02/2020
Protection, Gender and Inclusion Officer - COVID 19 (IFRC) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org11/02/2020
Protection, Gender and Inclusion Officer - COVID 19 (IFRC) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org11/02/2020
Executive Assistant (UNV) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org11/02/2020
Administrative Assistant (ILO) BamendaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org10/28/2020
Coordonnateur/trice National(e) (ILO) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org10/28/2020
Driver,( ILO) BamendaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org10/28/2020
Logistics Officer (WFP) DoualaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org10/28/2020
Resource Mobilization Officer (UNICEF) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org10/28/2020
Civil Engineer PPRD South West (UNDP) BueaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org10/19/2020
Local Security Associate (WFP) BueaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org10/19/2020
Development Worker as Technical Advisor in Forest Management (GIZ) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org10/19/2020
Desk - Directeur/trice Régional (COOPI) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org10/19/2020
Protection Coordinator (DRC) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org10/19/2020
Data Impact Consultant (Vital Strategies) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org10/13/2020
CRVS Consultant (Vital Strategies) CameroonUN JOBS www.unjobs.org10/13/2020
Peacebuilding and Recovery Advisor (UNDP) UN JOBS www.unjobs.org10/12/2020
Legal Assistant – Wildlife Law Enforcement and Collaboration (IUCN) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org10/12/2020
Project Assistant - Wildlife Law Enforcement (IUCN) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org10/12/2020
Administrateur(trice) National(e) ED (UNESCO) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org10/05/2020
National Professional Officer (UNESCO) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org10/05/2020
Park Advisor, Bureau Programme du Cameroun (IUCN) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org10/05/2020
Assistant de Projet Chargé d'Eco Développement (IUCN)UN JOBS www.unjobs.org10/05/2020
Head of Office, Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) Yaounde/BamakoUN JOBS www.unjobs.org09/28/2020
Shelter Assistant (UNV) MeigangaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org09/23/2020
Peacebuilding and Recovery Advisor, (UNDP) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org09/23/2020
Administrateur/trice Régional (COOPI) MarouaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org09/17/2020
Public Information Assistant (UNV) BertouaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org09/17/2020
Programme Policy Officer CBT (WFP) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org09/11/2020
Field Office/ICLA Coordinator (NRC) BatouriUN JOBS www.unjobs.org09/11/2020
Assistant(e) Logistique Capitale (CRC) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org09/11/2020
C4D National Consultant (UNICEF) Buea/ BamendaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org09/04/2020
WASH Officer (UNICEF) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org09/04/2020
Project Coordinator Livelihood/social cohesion (Plan Int.) KousseriUN JOBS www.unjobs.org08/28/2020
ICLA Coordinator(NRC) BueaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org08/28/2020
Chargé(e) du Support à la Coordination (UNV) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org08/28/2020
Senior Associate, Routine Immunization/ Cold Chain (CHAI) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org08/28/2020
Information Management Officer (UNICEF) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org08/25/2020
Local Security Associate (UNFPA) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org08/21/2020
Economic Affairs Officer (UNECA) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org05/26/2020
Gender Officer (Plan International) Bamenda/ BueaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org05/18/2020
Area Manager (DRC) BueaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org05/18/2020
Head of Experimentation (UNDP) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org05/18/2020
Head of Exploration (UNDP) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org05/18/2020
Head of Solutions Mapping (UNDP) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org05/18/2020
Programme Policy Senior Associate (WFP) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org05/08/2020
Programme Associate CBT Reconciliations (WFP) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org05/06/2020
Reconciliation officer CBT (WFP) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org05/06/2020
IT Associate (CBT Reconciliations) (WFP) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org05/06/2020
Expert VIH-Jeunesse (UNFPA) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org05/04/2020
Assistant (e) Financier (e) (UNFPA) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org05/04/2020
Finance Officer(IUCN) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org04/24/2020
ConsultancyUN JOBS www.unjobs.org04/24/2020
Humanitarian Affairs Officer (OCHA) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org04/17/2020
Compound Manager (WFP) Bamenda/BueaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org04/17/2020
Field Monitoring Assistant (WFP) GarouaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org04/17/2020
Logistics Assistant (WFP) BertouaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org04/17/2020
Inter-Agency Coordination Off (UNHCR) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org04/10/2020
Head of Sub Office (UNHCR) BueaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org04/06/2020
Cluster Coordination Officer (Protection) (UNHCR) BueaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org04/06/2020
Protection Officer (UNHCR) MarouaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org03/30/2020
Human Resources Assistant (WFP) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org03/30/2020
Senior Associate, Cold Chain Management (CHAI) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org03/25/2020
Food Security Program Manager (DRC) BueaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org03/25/2020
Logistics Officer (WFP) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org03/25/2020
National Professional Officer (FAO) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org03/20/2020
Head of Office, Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) Yde , Abuja, KievUN JOBS www.unjobs.org03/20/2020
Administrateur(trice) Régional (COOPI) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org03/20/2020
Human Rights Officer (OHCHR) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org03/20/2020
Communications Officer, (WFP) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org03/18/2020
Logistics Assistant SC5 (WFP) DoualaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org03/18/2020
Storekeeper (WFP) DoualaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org03/18/2020
IT Operations Assistant (WFP) DoualaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org03/18/2020
CP -3 ASSISTANT (IFRC) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org03/16/2020
Nutrition Specialist in charge of Surveys (UNICEF) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org03/16/2020
Communications Officer,(Plan International) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org03/16/2020
National Evaluation Consultancy (UNICEF)UN JOBS www.unjobs.org03/16/2020
Project Coordinator EU (Yaounde)UN JOBS www.unjobs.org03/16/2020
DriverUN JOBS www.unjobs.org03/16/2020
Chef(fe) de Projet ECHO - (UNICEF) YaoumdeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org03/09/2020
Project Manager (UNOPS) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org03/06/2020
Logistics Officer (WFP) BamendaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org03/04/2020
Project Manager L&EP (Plan International)UN JOBS www.unjobs.org03/04/2020
Programme Policy Officer (WFP)UN JOBS www.unjobs.org03/04/2020
Humanitarian Affairs Officer (OCHA) BamendaUN JOBS www.unjobs.org03/02/2020
CONSULTANCYUN JOBS www.unjobs.org02/28/2020
CONSULTANCYUN JOBS www.unjobs.org02/28/2020
Monitoring and Evaluation Officer (WFP) YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org02/28/2020
National Professional Officer ( Fishery & Aquaculture value Chain) FAO -YaoundeUN JOBS www.unjobs.org02/25/2020
Child Protection Technical Coordinator UN JOBS www.unjobs.org02/08/2020
Business AnalystUN JOBS www.unjobs.org02/08/2020
ECONOMIC AFFAIRS OFFICERUN JOBS www.unjobs.org02/08/2020