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Local Security Assistant (UNDP)
Role Ensure the collection, processing, dissemination and updating of the country's security information.
Experience Level 2 to 5 Years
Educational Qualification High School or Equivalent (12th, Intermediate, Jr College)
Salary - -
Description Background The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is committed to the principle that humane and orderly migration benefits migrants ...
Company cameroonjobs ,   Vacancies [ - - ]  Posted on: 03/19/2019, 12:23:48 AM
Security Manager (UNICEF)
Role The Security Manager implements and manages security activities at the duty station in close coordination with all members of the UN Security Management System (UNSMS)
Experience Level 7 to 10 Years
Educational Qualification Master's Degree
Salary - -
Description The Security Manager reports to the Representative and maintains a direct technical reporting line with the Regional Security Adviser (RSA). The ...
Company cameroonjobs ,   Vacancies [ - - ]  Posted on: 03/14/2019, 12:20:29 AM
Chevening Scholarships 2016
Role Future leaders, decision-makers and opinion-formers are able to develop their skills
Experience Level 1 to 2 Years
Educational Qualification Bachelor's Degree
Salary - -
Description The scholarships offer highly coveted opportunities to study for a fully funded Master’s degree at a UK university. Future leaders, decision-makers ...
Company cameroonjobs ,   Vacancies [ - - ]  Posted on: 09/29/2015, 07:34:08 PM
Regional Security Coordinator
Role required to carry out regular missions to assess the security and safety situation in DG ECHO’s operational areas
Experience Level 5 to 7 Years
Educational Qualification Certification (Diploma)
Salary - -
Description Required to carry out regular missions to assess the security and safety situation in DG ECHO’s operational areas Consequently the RSC may be ...
Company cameroonjobs ,   Vacancies [ - - ]  Posted on: 09/11/2015, 04:53:15 PM
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